Product Name|Parent ID|Variant ID|SKU|Retail Price|Sale Price|Variant Link|Variant Image|Medium Image|Small Image|Category|Description|Barcode|Option 1|Option 2|Option 3|Tags|Brand "Citizen Month to Month"|"11333950479"|"43557633231"|"Citizen"|"25.00"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"You will receive at least 3 supplements, 3 snacks, and outdoor/workout gear. This could include protein/energy/meal replacement bars, pre and post-workout supplements, vitamins, nutritional snacks, protein enhanced products, etc. Outdoor/workout gear can include items such as READYMAN products, firestarters, workout ointment, EDC gear, etc."|""|""|""|""|""|"spartancarton" "Warrior Month to Month"|"11333810767"|"43557098639"|"Warrior"|"99.00"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"You will receive the same as the Citizen box contents but also gear. This includes higher end Fitness and Outdoor Gear. Fitness Gear designed to help you train with or without a gym and Outdoor Gear to make sure you are always prepared. This could include items such as suspension straps, EDC items, resistance bands, massage kits, Gerber Gear, firestarters, etc."|""|""|""|""|""|"spartancarton" "Citizen 3 Month Prepay"|"11333952527"|"43557635471"|"Citizen"|"70.00"|""|""|""|""|""|""|""|""|""|""|""|""|"spartancarton" "Fat Grips"|"10943679119"|"41669491599"|"SQ6920391"|"15.00"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"Fat Grips go on top of any bar. Increasing the diameter of the bar causes much greater muscle activation throughout the arms leading to bigger, faster gains in muscle size and functional strength. MSRP $18"|"421681589"|""|""|""|"SHOP,"|"spartancarton" "Warrior 3 Month Prepay"|"11333822991"|"43557155215"|"Warrior"|"285.00"|""|""|""|""|""|""|""|""|""|""|""|""|"spartancarton" "Spartan Carton T-Shirt"|"10943682575"|"41669530383"|"SQ9217448"|"25.00"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"Canvas shirt in Dark Heather Grey $25 with free shipping!"|"427969897"|"Mens"|"Small"|""|"SHOP,"|"spartancarton" "Spartan Carton T-Shirt"|"10943682575"|"41669838351"|"SQ2865358"|"25.00"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"Canvas shirt in Dark Heather Grey $25 with free shipping!"|"427969897"|"Mens"|"Medium"|""|"SHOP,"|"spartancarton" "Spartan Carton T-Shirt"|"10943682575"|"41669838607"|"SQ6313524"|"25.00"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"Canvas shirt in Dark Heather Grey $25 with free shipping!"|"427969897"|"Mens"|"Large"|""|"SHOP,"|"spartancarton" "Spartan Carton T-Shirt"|"10943682575"|"41669838799"|"SQ0981219"|"25.00"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"Canvas shirt in Dark Heather Grey $25 with free shipping!"|"427969897"|"Mens"|"XL"|""|"SHOP,"|"spartancarton" "Spartan Carton T-Shirt"|"10943682575"|"41669838991"|"SQ0124023"|"25.00"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"Canvas shirt in Dark Heather Grey $25 with free shipping!"|"427969897"|"Mens"|"2XL"|""|"SHOP,"|"spartancarton" "Spartan Carton T-Shirt"|"10943682575"|"41669839247"|"SQ2635059"|"25.00"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"Canvas shirt in Dark Heather Grey $25 with free shipping!"|"427969897"|"Womens"|"Small"|""|"SHOP,"|"spartancarton" "Spartan Carton T-Shirt"|"10943682575"|"41669839503"|"SQ3783370"|"25.00"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"Canvas shirt in Dark Heather Grey $25 with free shipping!"|"427969897"|"Womens"|"Medium"|""|"SHOP,"|"spartancarton" "Spartan Carton T-Shirt"|"10943682575"|"41669839759"|"SQ0744782"|"25.00"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"Canvas shirt in Dark Heather Grey $25 with free shipping!"|"427969897"|"Womens"|"Large"|""|"SHOP,"|"spartancarton" "Spartan Carton T-Shirt"|"10943682575"|"41669840015"|"SQ3476657"|"25.00"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"Canvas shirt in Dark Heather Grey $25 with free shipping!"|"427969897"|"Womens"|"XL"|""|"SHOP,"|"spartancarton" "Cyclone Cup"|"10943680655"|"41669506895"|"SQ4932262"|"9.00"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"The World's best shaker! MSRP $14.99"|"421702916"|""|""|""|"SHOP,"|"spartancarton" "BodyFit Muscle Massage Kit"|"10943684495"|"41669539983"|"SQ1307030"|"8.99"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"Massage those sore muscles after a tough workout or the next day! MSRP $15"|"589841570"|""|""|""|"SHOP,"|"spartancarton" "EDC Combo Pack"|"10943684239"|"41669538575"|"SQ4350521"|"15.00"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"1 - Rothco Paracord Bracelet $5 MSRP, 1 - READYMAN - Hostage Escape Card $13 MSRP, 1 - UST Mag Bar $7 MSRP Get this combo pack and SAVE!"|"589833488"|""|""|""|"SHOP,"|"spartancarton" "Spider Chalk Liquid"|"10943682191"|"41669527567"|"SQ6184004"|"5.00"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"Stays on your hands during whole workout. use anywhere, no mess. MSRP $10"|"421710642"|""|""|""|"SHOP,"|"spartancarton" "10 Pound Weighted Vest"|"10943683919"|"41669536847"|"SQ3877994"|"49.99"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"Add intensity to any workout instantly. This weighted vest by BodyFit seamlessly becomes part of your body."|"549817393"|""|""|""|"SHOP,"|"spartancarton" "Rejuvenate Stretch Strap"|"10943687119"|"41669556687"|"SQ5369461"|"9.99"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"MSRP $14.99 Nylon Improves your flexibility and range of motion and eases tension and tightness Strap includes several comfort pockets to allow for easy stretching Strap cleans easily with soft cloth and warm soapy water"|"677526248"|""|""|""|"SHOP,"|"spartancarton" "Skallywag Gladium"|"10943683727"|"41669536591"|"SQ9245860"|"30.00"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"When you have been boarded and overran its time to take out the Gladium. 440 Stainless, black stone wash finish. Comes with Kydex sheath.. 5"overall, 3mm thickness."|"549808610"|""|""|""|"SHOP,"|"spartancarton" "Trigger Point MBX - Massage Ball"|"10943686863"|"41669555855"|"SQ4734219"|"15.00"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"The MBX massage ball provides intense deep tissue compression for ultimate relief of aches and pains. Designed to replicate the pressure a massage therapist's elbow the MBX is ideal for targeting extreme discomfort is isolated areas such as calves, piriformis and pecs."|"677522950"|""|""|""|"SHOP,"|"spartancarton" "TufMed - TufRelief"|"10943680271"|"41669502351"|"SQ9689739"|"17.99"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"Natural Muscle & Joint Rub FREE SHIPPING"|"421698734"|""|""|""|"SHOP,"|"spartancarton" "Agility Dots - Set of 12"|"10943676687"|"41669478991"|"SQ8040121"|"15.00"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"Agility dot drills can help you increase the speed and balance of your footwork while also increasing your cardio. MSRP is $30"|"421674936"|""|""|""|"SHOP,"|"spartancarton" "Black Scout Survival Bracelet Kit"|"10943685967"|"41669548623"|"SQ8663165"|"16.50"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"This kit is designed to give you options to escape and evade. The 550 can be used for survival or as a friction saw for escaping rope/flex cuffs/zip ties. The hidden handcuffs key can be used on single and double locked handcuffs. The key can be removed and replaced as needed. Includes; Instruction Card 12ft of 550 cord SERE Buckle *only used for escaping illegal restraints"|"644656988"|""|""|""|"SHOP,"|"spartancarton" "Body Solid Ab Wheel"|"10943686671"|"41669553359"|"SQ1115410"|"15.00"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"MSRP is $23. Tone and strengthen abdominal, arm and shoulder muscles Double Wheel design adds stability Rubber handles provide comfortable and secure grip Lightweight and portable"|"677520485"|""|""|""|"SHOP,"|"spartancarton" "Corded and Cordless Jump Ropes"|"10943681487"|"41669519119"|"SQ5666139"|"9.00"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"Switch between corded and cordless jump rope training sessions MSRP: $15"|"421704892"|""|""|""|"SHOP,"|"spartancarton" "Gerber GDC Zip Blade"|"10943686351"|"41669550799"|"SQ9013288"|"14.00"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"Gerber knows being prepared isn‰۪t a state of being so much as a philosophy. Which is why having the right tool on hand is about little things that make the difference. Sometimes the job‰۪s as simple as cutting twine or slicing open a box, but try those things without a blade enough times and you‰۪ll appreciate the compact efficiency of the GDC Zip Blade. Part of Gerber‰۪s Daily Carry collection, this Zip Blade is the bulldog of utility knives. Squat enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it has enough muscle to strip wire, cut cardboard, and slice through toughest of clamshell packaging. EVER-READY BLADE The quick-release clip lets you remove this tool with one hand, leaving your other one free to steady a load or keep things aligned. When open, a frame lock keeps the compact .68-inch fine edge blade secure, so there‰۪s no wobble when you‰۪re powering through a cut. A built-in fob lets you attach it to the zipper of your jacket or bag, so it‰۪s close at hand when you need it."|"677516551"|""|""|""|"SHOP,"|"spartancarton" "Gerber Mini Paraframe"|"10943683407"|"41669533519"|"SQ5146756"|"15.00"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"Paraframe mini - Stainless, Serrated. This lightweight everyday carry knife has an open frame that is the ultimate in minimalist design. Easy to clean, carry, and open, the Paraframe is an effortless addition to your pocket or belt clip."|"549789013"|""|""|""|"SHOP,"|"spartancarton" "Parallettes"|"10943685647"|"41669543631"|"SQ3321172"|"29.99"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"These mini sized parallettes are the perfect size for traveling. These are very portable parallettes. Often when on the go, you have to leave your prized equipment behind. With these mini sized parallettes, this is no longer an issue. Since the overall dimensions are 12" long, 2-5/8" high, these will fit right in your carry on luggage should you need to fly to your destination. Made of strong natural ash wood, these will put up to years of abuse. These will support up to 250 pounds so no worries about breaking them. Using this wood parallettes set for pushups, they offer you more range of motion so you can go deeper into your pushups. Since you will be off the floor, they can also help alleviate wrist pain."|"644629392"|""|""|""|"SHOP,"|"spartancarton" "PKB Portable Kettlebell"|"10943684815"|"41669541839"|"SQ7031437"|"29.99"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"0-15 Lb Portable Kettlebell, MSRP $39.95. Super lite and great to travel with!"|"589855632"|""|""|""|"SHOP,"|"spartancarton" "Pull Up Handles"|"10943679503"|"41669492175"|"SQ7225074"|"13.99"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"Portable Power Up Chin Up - Patented Suspension Grips MSRP $19.99"|"421687498"|""|""|""|"SHOP,"|"spartancarton" "Spartan Strong Coffee"|"10943685263"|"41669542415"|"SQ5687670"|"13.00"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"Spartan Strong - Caffeinated for Battle. A Coffee Republic blend. We are currently sold out but you can purchase at:"|"620456320"|""|""|""|"SHOP,"|"spartancarton" "Speed Chute"|"10943679759"|"41669495055"|"SQ3575508"|"12.99"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"Provides excellent resistance training for improved speed, stamina, strength, and acceleration. Chute releases while running. MSRP $17"|"421693219"|""|""|""|"SHOP,"|"spartancarton" "TufMed - TufHands"|"10943679951"|"41669497615"|"SQ9279342"|"14.99"|""|""|""|""|""|""|"Natural Hand Repair Cream FREE SHIPPING"|"421697081"|""|""|""|"SHOP,"|"spartancarton" "BodyFit Premium Resistance Tube Kit"|"11631467599"|"46633258703"|""|"34.99"|"59.99"|""|""|""|""|""|"Adjustable resistance for full body training! Three tubes - 15LB, 20LB, and 25LB Pair of foam handles Door anchor Mesh Travel Bag  "|""|""|""|""|"SHOP,"|"SpartanCarton"