Known for their athletic prowess, flawless physical physique and superior military culture.

Both men and women were trained in the discipline of their warrior society which stood at the center of the Spartan State and required warriors and citizens stay physically fit. In the history of their standing army, there were over 25 known battles the Spartans were triumphant in, each of which required the utmost amount of preparation, conditioning and dedication.

With the focus of the ancient culture, and the fitness and nutrition science of modern civilization, Spartan Carton delivers a complete, interactive lifestyle to your door every month. Giving you access to sample of some of the top sports and fitness supplements, clean eating and focused training, Spartan Carton enables you to find exactly what your body needs to perform. Think tactically while you train and eat like a professional using the best science and nutrition has to offer with the Spartan Carton that’s right for you!
Every Spartan Carton will also include:
Easy recipes that support your monthly goals
Focused workouts that will help you make regular changes to your routine, and focus on the upcoming Spartan Battle
Training advice and product explanation from our featured partners


Hand selected content built for our Spartan Citizens who maintain an active lifestyle, and are prepared
for anything in the event they are called to battle. Every month delivered straight to our citizens’ home or office is a Spartan Carton shipment. While the exact content changes from month to month you can always expect 10-15 of the following:
Pre or mid workout supplements
Protein/Recovery powders or supplements
Meal Replacement options such as protein bars
Healthy snacks for a “clean eats diet”


Designed for our Spartan Warriors who are always ready to lead the charge and take on any challenge. A true warrior can condition themselves anywhere regardless of whether or not there are facilities and equipment available. Every month our warriors receive the same content as our citizens with the addition of some of the following options:
Fitness gear designed to help you train with or without a gym (ex. Your first box includes a full set of suspension trainers, with anchors, suggested workouts and includes a 1-yr warranty)
Muscle/workout apparel such as gloves, tshirt, etc.
Additional workouts specific to the included gear
Extra supplements, proteins and consumables